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Want the look of flawless skin?BeautyBlender is the key to professional-looking makeup applications! With its elliptical shape and suede finish, BeautyBlender (latex-free & non-allergenic) is the ultimate makeup sponge.

I wet my sponge (squeezing out excess water) before use, and first dot foundation all over my face. Then, I “bounce” (a.k.a. stipple) the BB over my face to blend the foundation in without a trace of edges or cutoff lines. I use the smaller end to blend under my eyes and around my nose. It’s also great for blending concealer over blemishes to create a flawless look.

I’ve found that since using my BB, my skin does not break out as much (because I’m not using my fingers to smooth the makeup over my skin). After every use, I wash my BB with moisturizing antibacterial soap to clean the makeup away and kill any bacteria before placing it on the pedestal to dry for the next use.

The BB 2-pack is a deal, because why pay $19.95 for one, when you can get two for $25.95? With daily use and cleaning, each BB has lasted me 6+ months, so a 2-pack lasts at least a year.

Who else out there is a BeautyBlender fan?

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