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I have had super-oily (I’m talking oil slick by 10am), acne-filled skin for years. When I turned 30 this year (shh…don’t tell anyone!), I was still battling the same issues since I was 14. I have tried EVERYTHING from Pro-Activ to Accutane to other prescription pills and creams to get rid of my acne, to no avail. Since going “cold turkey” on all acne medications and treatments about 8 months ago, my skin has improved a bit and has become less oily. Now that I’m using OCM to cleanse, coconut oil to moisturize, argan oil to treat, my skin is amazingly NOT oily anymore, and way less acne-prone. So with all the “progress” I feel I’ve made with my skincare routine, I feel like I now need to overhaul my makeup routine…specifically my foundation.

I’ve been using hard-core non-budge liquid foundations since I started wearing makeup at 15 (Revlon ColorStay has been a staple), and most recently Rimmel Lasting Finish. The ColorStay foundation looks cakey by the end of the day now that I don’t have all this oil keeping it “dewy.” The Lasting Finish foundation is better, but I find that it kind of separates after a few hours, and if I’m not careful, I end up looking splotchy.

I don’t splurge on every single makeup product, especially the ones I go through quickly (foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc.), which is why I’ve been using drugstore brands of foundation. Unfortunately, the downfall for drugstore makeup is YOU CAN’T TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT! Plus, most drugstores don’t allow returns on cosmetics if it’s been opened. (Which makes it very hard to try new things without going broke!)

This brought me to my favorite store (SEPHORA!! if you didn’t already know) in search of a new foundation formula, because I can try ANYTHING in the store before I buy it, and I can return anything for ANY reason (with receipt) with NO HASSLES! **cue angelic music here** We’ve only just got a Sephora in town (April 8, to be exact), so I’ve only tried one foundation from them so far (Bare Escentuals Matte, which felt sticky on my face after a few hours and migrated into what fine “lines” I have on my face–yucky!!). I felt like today was a good time to try another.

I’ll make today’s Sephora trip short and sweet: the SA recommended I try Lancome Tiente Idole Ultra foundation. At $40 a pop, I was hesitant to try, but because of their sweet return policy, I thought, “what the heck,” and bought it.

About an hour ago, I cleansed my face and applied the new foundation with my BeautyBlender (warning: there’s gonna be an entire post coming up devoted to my BB!). I noticed that it “dried” quickly to a silky finish, and I applied a light dusting of loose powder to set it. So far it feels good (thatswhatshesaid), but I’m wondering if it will become TOO dry and start to feel cakey after several hours. Since it’s almost bedtime, I guess I won’t know the answer to this until Saturday. (I have an event to go to tomorrow directly after work, so trying a new foundation tomorrow is probably not the best thing to do!)

I will post updates after I get to test-drive this properly, but in the meantime…what is your favorite foundation…and why?

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