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I’m currently on week 8 of my couch to 5k journey…and I still haven’t learned to breathe properly. I am prone to side stitches, and I’ve learned that maintaining regular breaths keep them at bay. However, I am having a hard time balancing the side stitches without running out of breath.

I find the longer my run, the harder it is to take a deep breath. I was able to compile a few tips for better breathing when running:

  1. Slow down before trying to change your breathing.
  2. Take longer, deeper breaths.
  3. Exhale more fully to allow for deeper inhalations of oxygen.
  4. Breathe to music.
  5. Try a cadence (inhale 3 steps, exhale 2 steps, etc.)

I’ll be implementing these tips when I take my run tomorrow…does anyone have any breathing tips to add?

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