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One of my non-negotiable beauty items is an eyelash curler. I have pretty, long lashes but they are stick-straight–so an eyelash curler is a must!

I had been using the Shu Uemura eyelash curler for years, until 2010, when Shu came out with “upgraded” softer silicone curler pads. Sadly, these pads only lasted about a week or two until the metal from the curler started to cut into the pad, rendering them useless. For the price ($19), I expected these pads to last at least 6 months before needing replacement.

I started looking for a cheaper alternative to the Shu eyelash curler. I tried several from drugstore to other high-end brands, before finally settling on the BBeaute Beyond The Curleyelash curler. I got mine for around $11, and was pleased that they also sell refill pads for about $3 for a set of four.

The Bbeaute eyelash curler has been amazing every use! The curve of the curler itself is the perfect shape, and I have had zero pinching or tugging. The pads have lasted several months…in fact, I changed it at 6 months, but felt like I could have gotten even more out of it. This is a great alternative to the more expensive eyelash curlers out there.

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