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As the movie buff I imagine myself to be, I truly enjoy watching movies at home. As you would imagine, I do have a “few” gadgets to help facilitate this…but as the frugal shopper I am, I also have to be able to save on home entertainment.

Where We Spend:
TV – We recently purchased a new 46″ LED 1080p TV…for our bedroom. Incredibly, not only did we get a great deal on it at Best Buy, but they had an online sale a few days later, and we saved an additional $35 using their price-match guarantee. We have a 50″ plasma in the living room that we got a good deal on a few years ago.

Xbox 360/Xbox Live – We’ve had our Xbox 360 since 2007, so getting our dollars’ worth on this one. We do subscribe to the Xbox Live service (paid annually to save $$), which gives my husband access to gaming features, Netflix, and ESPN content. We have the Xbox hooked up in the living room.

AppleTV – I got an AppleTV for my birthday ($99) and have really enjoyed it. It’s about the size of a square hockey puck, and not only can I stream most services, but also, YouTube, iTunes, AirPlay with my iPhone, and more (I can also use my iPhone as a remote for the AppleTV).

Where We Save:
Cable – We get the “basic” (first 10 channels) cable subscription…only because spending $9/month on cable saves me $15/month on my internet service.

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Video – We get most of our television content from streaming services.

DVDs/Blu-Rays – I have over 400 movies (and an Excel spreadsheet of my collection…I’m a nerd, I know), but I have rarely paid “retail” for any of them. Most of my collection comes from places like used book/media stores and pawn shops, where you can get movies for about $2-3 each. The only movies I buy retail are Disney movies, but I find if you buy at Target and Walmart the first few days after release, they are usually about $5 less.

Movie Theaters – Other than trying to find a coupon for tickets, the best thing we do to save is just not go. We probably go to the theater 1-2 times per year at most, and just wait until we can rent from Redbox or get it on Netflix.

Accessories – Whatever you do, don’t get talked into spending an additional $200 on accessories like a TV wall mount and HDMI cables for your new TV while at the store! Go online for these purchases…we got a great low-profile wall mount from Amazon for $20 and6′ HDMI cables from eBay for $3 each.

Of course, there are tons of more ways to save (and even more ways to spend!) on home entertainment, but this is a good summary of how I enjoy movies at home.

How do you save on home entertainment?

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