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One of my favorite blogs, Crunchy Betty, is hosting a “Honey Challenge”…washing your face with honey for 2 entire weeks!

I know, that sounds so weird–and scary! When you find out about how amazing effects of honey on your skin, you will be as ready as I am to try! The challenge starts Monday, July 18th, and Crunchy Betty will cover everything we need to know: how to do it, when to do it, and the amazing results…in her post that goes live Monday morning (so no one gets ahead of the game).

What do you need to do to participate? Get your hands on some honey (preferably local raw, organic honey)! For those of you without easy access to such, head on down to the grocery store and at least get you some 100% pure honey before Monday!

Are you ready? Click here on Monday for Crunchy Betty’s Honey Challenge!

Who out there has already tried honey in their skincare routine?

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